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Bekesbourne Recreation Ground Charity

The Recreation Ground was sold to the parish of Bekesbourne in 1957 by the Conyingham family estate. Under a charitable scheme created in 1997 the ground is owned by the parish council of Bekesbourne-with-Patrixbourne as custodian trustee and managed on its behalf by a committee of trustees appointed annually. 

The object of Bekesbourne Recreation Ground charity is ‘the provision and maintenance of a Recreation Ground for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Bekesbourne and Patrixbourne and neighbouring areas’.

Grounds Maintenance

Most of the funding for the grounds maintenance is by way of a Concurrent Function Grant from Canterbury City Council. This amounts to about £3500 per year. The grass is cut up to 22 times a year to keep it short for sports matches. The edges of the ground and the copses are strimmed at least once a year.

The silver birch copses were planted in the 1970s at the instigation of the parish council and the late Wilfred Mowll of Mulberry Cottage in particular. There are several specimen trees: the red oak beside the playarea; a tulip tree which was awarded to the parish in 2002 for its community spirit; oaks planted in remembrance of the late Mike Lee, a founder member of the Management Committee and the late John Ash, local farmer and long time Chairman of the Parish Council.

Play Area

The play area is dedicated to the late Albert Wilson who ran the village youth club for many years. It was once fenced but the fence was constantly vandalised and was therefore removed. The wooden equipment and toddler slide installed circa 1994 replaced a larger slide, climbing frame and roundabout dating from the 1950s. The play area is insured and maintained by the parish council. The play area bin is emptied regularly by a local resident.


The ground is used for general recreation and for organised football matches. The ground is also used for village events such as fetes and boot fairs. It is also used for car parking for events at St Mary’s church, Patrixbourne.

The entrance to the ground is kept bumpy deliberately to slow cars coming on to the ground.  The Committee has explored repairs in the past and rejected them as the cost would be excessive. Cars drive on the Recreation Ground at their own risk and there is a speed limit of 5 mph.

The Management Committee is actively considering other uses of the ground and pavilion and would welcome suggestions.


In the early days the pavilion was on the other side of Old Palace Lane.  The Sports Club build the current pavilion in the 1980s. It was extended in the 1990s to include a bar area. The bar is now closed as the pavilion is unlicensed. There is a plan to convert the bar into a toilet with access from outside with facilities for the disabled and baby changing equipment.


The pavilion is available to rent for all kinds of occasions. If you have any questions about rec management, bookings, rates etc, the please do make contact by simply clicking here…


Private functions (eg family parties)      £30 for a 4 hour session and £9 per hour thereafter.

Football Matches –       £40 adult match    –     £30 junior match

Rates for community groups may be significantly reduced. 

Removal of dog faeces

Well-behaved dogs are welcome on the ground. Removal of dog faeces is controlled by a byelaw made by Bekesbourne-with-Patrixbourne Parish Council in pursuance of Sections 12 and 15 of the Open Spaces Act 1906 at a meeting of the council held on October 1993. The bye law was confirmed by the Secretary of State and came into force in June 1994.  A dog-poo bin is provided at the main gate.  The bin is emptied by Canterbury City Council’s contractors.