Results for Resident Questionnaire on Highland Court Farm Proposals

An opinion poll was carried out by the Parish Council to seek the views of local people in regards to the High Court Farm proposed development.

The details of the proposal are changing quite often, however some relevant links are below.

The Quinn Estates link provides a high level and brief overview including pictures of the proposed holiday homes.

A copy of the latest plan is available here, from the Parish Council website.

The survey was conducted by posting a questionnaire form through the door of each home in the parish, with instructions to complete the form and return it to one of the councillor addresses provided.

A total of 139 forms were returned and the totals of the agree / disagree views are totalled in red and shown on the summary sheet, which can be viewed here.

A summary graphical visualisation can be seen here.

Please do contact the PC Clerk if you wish to express views.  Subjects for discussion need to be requested at least a week before the PC meetings… All parishioners are welcome to attend PC meetings… details of which can be found on the Calendar.